Our Nationally Recognised Training Qualifications in Perth

This Nationally Recognised Training is brought to you through a strategic alliance between Lorm Pty Ltd and GEM College of International Business (Australia) Pty Ltd, RTO 0366.

Scorpion Training Solutions has always been focused on meeting the needs of industry, through our practical hands-on delivery. We provide consistently high quality service to our clients.

You may have heard the horror stories about rorting of the VET FEE-Help program by unethical training providers. Seeking to address this, the Australian Government, through the Australian Skills and Quality Authority, has rightly sought to lift the requirements on all Registered Training Organisations to ensure the highest quality of delivery.

We aim for the highest level of integrity, quality and customer service in delivery of education and training to our clients.

GEM College has been licensing its educational management services to local, national and international corporations since 1994. It made sense to us, to focus on our practical hands-on delivery to industry and commerce, with the best support and experience available in educational management systems, from GEM College.

We offer the following nationally recognised training qualifications: